Committed to the Future

We are committed to delivering excellent value to our customers and generating superior returns for our investors while managing our businesses to sustain environmental resources for future generations.

Key Objectives:

  • Continuously improve our environmental performance using best management practices and emphasizing pollution prevention and efficient use of resources.
  • Set measurable goals and track progress toward these goals.
  • Continue to pursue energy conservation, greater use of alternatives to fossil fuels, and opportunities for cogeneration of electricity when technically and economically prudent.
  • Be present and responsible citizens in the communities where we work and live.
  • Make smart choices that lead to business success for our customers, our suppliers, and for Boise.


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boise helped design
industry goals

“ We have earned a reputation for being a sustainable industry, and the progress we share demonstrates our continued commitment to sustainable business practices, which in turn makes for a better planet,” says AF&PA officer Alexander Toeldte, president and CEO of Boise Inc.

AF&PA 2012 Sustainability Report


Sustainability Report

Boise Inc.'s people make daily choices affecting our sustainability. View our Sustainability Report published in August 2010 and GRI index.

paper life cycle

Boise helped develop the online tool for making informed decisions about paper.

Paper Life Cycle Website