continuous improvement

We focus on using resources efficiently and improving our processes to reduce the environmental impact of our operations:

  • Air and water quality and use
  • Reducing energy use
  • Maximizing fiber resources
  • Reducing waste sent to landfills   
  • Using the ISO 14001 International Standard to establish targets for continuous improvement of our environmental performance at our paper mills 


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we use biomass fuel for
66% of our energy needs

The more biomass fuel we use, the more we reduce reliance on fossil fuels.  Today's 66% use is up from 57% in 2000.

climate change

We believe all of us have a responsibility to review our activities and to take actions to reduce and, if possible, eliminate our negative impact on climate change.

Boise's Climate Change Principles

Environmental Policy

Improving our environmental performance through economically sound, ecologically sensitive, socially appropriate, and technologically practical processes.

Boise's Environmental Policy