Boise® HD:P™ High-Definition Papers

Energizing Great Ideas™

Boise® HD:P™ High-Definition Papers offer variety and performance that you can count on.  This innovative, ultra-smooth line of digital paper delivers quality outputs from laser and inkjet printers, digital printers, and color copiers with impressive color definition and a considerable amount of "wow." 

Boise® HD:P™ High-Definition Papers
Boise® HD:P™ All-In-One

For everyday color document printing.

Boise® HD:P™ Premier Print

Great for announcements, fliers, and more.

Boise® HD:P™ Presentation Laser

Proposals and presentations never looked better.

Boise® HD:P™ Color Copy

Designer quality without leaving the office.

Boise® HD:P™ Glossy Color Laser

Magazine-style finish that brings your ideas to life.