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Protective Packaging

Complete product protection

Our experienced design, engineering, and manufacturing teams collaborate with you to develop industrial packaging solutions for optimal product protection. We offer a complete line of protective packaging services and products.


  • We design packaging specifically to meet your product and supply chain requirements.
  • Our engineers design packaging made of multiple materials, based on the best material to meet your packaging needs and cost parameters.
  • Our in-house testing facilities ensure your packaging performs as specified.



Designed and manufactured to meet your specifications for shipping and in-plant handling.

Corrugated packaging
Corrugated single wall to triple wall in brown kraft paper and plastic.

Custom foam packaging
Typically required where the product to be packaged is of high value and/or fragile and needs specialized foam cushioning for protection from vibration and temperature variations.

EDS protective packaging
Used when antistatic packaging is needed to protect sensitive product.

Honeycomb packaging
Our HEXACOMB® industrial packaging’s unique engineering makes it especially strong and durable, with cushioning and rigidity to provide superior protective packaging. It’s easy to custom cut and shape into a multitude of sizes and orientations to meet your unique specifications. Hexacomb product can also be reinforced when laminated to foam and other multimaterial substrates to maximize performance that meets the most demanding requirements.