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Boise Inform™ Data Label Facestock

Created specifically for high-speed matrix stripping applications, Boise Inform™ Data Label is resilient in the most challenging environments.  The product's strength provides for consistent toner adhesion in high-speed production.  In addition to being high-strength, Boise Inform™ Data Label offers a reliable printing surface, making this product the only choice for variable information (VI) label applications.  Boise Inform™ Data Label can be utilized for printing serial number and information labels on electronics; price marking for retail shelves; address, file, and mailing labels; and general black-and-white label applications.

FEATURES & benefits
  • High strength for high-speed matrix stripping applications
  • Enhanced toner adhesion option for print accuracy and durability
  • Quality consistency from run to run for improved converting efficiency
  • Backed by Boise's technical expertise